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RSIG’s Certified Recovery Agent Program is:

ü  Affordable

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ü  An Investment In Your Future

This online campus has been created to provide recovery agents and other professionals in the auto finance markets an affordable and convenient environment to have an industry specific learning experience that is one of the greatest investments in your future you can make.

The RSIG University offers an online course curriculum covering topics such as the FDCPA, UCC, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, Bankruptcy and Specialty Repossessions as well as repossession case law and state specific repossession law when available.

As a Certified Recovery Agent, you are demonstrating your commitment to professionalism and to reducing risk and potential liabilities for yourself, your employer and your clients.

If you have questions, one of our course advisors can be reached at 703-365-0199 or by email at support@rsiguniversity.com.  Why wait? Get started today by making your course selection from the Course listing on the left!


Please note, all exams are now proctored online, which requires the use of a webcam to take the exam.  Please click on the Recovery Certification link or the FAQs link found on the left navigation bar for more information.


If you are a returning student, Welcome Back! 

To log back in, please do not forget to list your Organizational Code: RSI35362.



Minimum System Requirements

Most of our courses contain video and are very Flash heavy.  We do not recommend using Apple products, tablets or large-screen phones to take the courses on. 

Minimum recommended system requirements include Flash Player 11 or higher; and browsers should be IE 9 or higher; Mozilla Firefox 22 or higher or Google Chrome 29 or higher. 

We recommend using a computer with a Windows 7 or higher operating system, minimum of XP with the use of Chrome as your browser.

All exams are now proctored and require the use of a webcam (640x480 resolution or higher) that either has a microphone built in or with the use of a headset.    

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