Here is a list of most common FAQs to help you. If you have a question and the answer is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact a course advisor at 703-365-0199. 
What do I need to get started?
Each learner will need a computer with minimum system requirements (see the homepage for this basic list as it will be updated as technology changes), a working internet connection and his/her own email address. Email addresses are the learner’s unique identifier or student ID which will enable the learner to access their student portal to see historic data, print certificates and/or transcripts, and register for additional courses if desired. You will also need a webcam for the proctoring.
I was preparing to check out but have put the wrong item in.  I need to clear my cart, how do I do that?
You would enter 0 into the quantity field and update your cart.
In the check out it asks for RSIG#.  What is this and do I have one?
All members of RSIG have a member number or company code that is assigned to them when they join.  If you are an active RSIG Member office, you will need to list your RSIG#.  If you are not part of RSIG, please put 0 in the field.  If you are an RSIG Member but do not know your RSIG#, please contact our office and we can assist you.
I have a login already, but what do I put in the organizational code field when logging in at the student login?
This organizational code can be found on the homepage. It will auto fill if you are using the same computer you purchased the course from, but may not auto fill if you log in from a different computer after you make your purchase.
Why is there a 10-day window to take the course? Can’t I finish it in a day?
Most people finish their studying of all courses within 1-3 days.  These courses are formatted in such a way to allow learners to take breaks as needed. Skip courses are for informational purposes only, and you may take them as fast or slow as you deem necessary. There are no assessments to attribute to the skip courses, they are not pass or fail and there are no certificates of completion as it is not a certification course.
We highly recommend that learners of the CRA Certification and Continuing Education courses start right away and take short breaks to maximize their allotted time and help ensure that the information is better retained for successful completion. CRA course certificates are issued upon successful completion only.  Rushing through in a single sitting will only guarantee that you finish fast, not that you will pass. (Most that try this, actually do not pass the CRA courses, and there is a fee if you need to re-take a course due to an unsuccessful completion.)
Other tips to help learners do well:
-  Be well rested
-  Don't wait until the last minute to take your exam.  Plan to take your exam no less than 48 hours BEFORE your 10 day window of time runs out...just in case something happens that is outside of your control.
-  Minimize distractions (turn off phones, take the course in a quiet place, etc) so that you may focus on the course
-  Be sure you have a strong internet connection and your computer is updated to have the best experience
-  Take detailed notes as a study guide (if you have questions for the instructor, it will help to have notes to refer back to--though notes are not allowed during the exam)
What is involved in proctoring, is it complicated? 
NO!  The online proctoring adds value to your certification and is available 24/7.  It is so much more convenient and less expensive than scheduling at a testing center!  All tech support is included so you can test your equipment before you schedule your exam. This includes testing your computer, internet connection and webcam.  Even if you bought a webcam and it is still in the box they can help you get it installed and running before you start your exam.  Be aware that the proctor cannot assist someone if their window of time has expired or if they have not reviewed the material first.  
The process requires that you have a picture ID so the proctor can verify your identity, and a photo will be taken of you and of your ID (so dress comfortable, but appropriate...bunny slippers are optional). You will be given two hours to complete all exam questions on full CRA course exams, and one hour for CE courses.  There are 50 questions on each full CRA exam (CE courses are about 20-25).  No cell phones, notes or materials will be allowed during the exam and no breaks can be taken once you have started. 
Be aware that if a learner breaches proctoring protocols or acts in a manner that the proctor deems inappropriate, this can cause the exam to be terminated and the proctor may record the behavior to submit with an incident report to RSIG.  
What if I do not pass?
Learners must get a 70% or higher on the exam in order to successfully complete the course.  If you receive a grade that is not passing in order to receive a certificate, you may pay a re-examination fee in order to retake the course and exam. Please contact a course advisor for assistance. There is a $75 administrative fee in order to re-register, and you will be given a new window in order to re-take the course again and complete the exam. 
I passed, where is my certificate?
Certificates are automatically populated in your student portal.  You will receive a confirmation email with information, or please log in and click on the "My History" tab to view and print your certificate and transcripts.  Be sure that if you are taking this as a requirement for your employer that you print them out a copy of the certificate.
If I have questions about the cases, statutes or other information found in the course I took, who do I contact?
Email your questions on the course content from your student portal.  Click Account Help and a form will open up with the subject: Help Desk Request. Please list “Question for the Instructor” at the top of the form and we will forward it to the appropriate instructor for handling.
If I purchased a course before, do I need to start the registration process all over again to purchase a new one?
Yes, but please be certain that you are using the same email address as before--if you need assistance please contact us.  To purchase additional courses please click on Recovery Certification, Continuing Education or Skiptracing & Internet Profiling and add your course(s) to the cart and checkout.
I am an employer or manager and have several people that need to take a course. How do I register our people?
You may click on the Group Enrollment & Discounts link for more information on enrolling multiple learners. There is a form that we need you to fill out and email back to us found on that page. Call 703-365-0199 if you would like a course advisor to assist you with this process. We can also offer you a demo of the student portal and of the proctoring process, if you would like. 
I may want to certify myself for more than one course, can I purchase multiple courses at once?
Yes. Individuals may purchase multiple courses (for example, those that cross state lines or want to take a skip course and a CRA course). You would add the courses to your cart. Keep in mind that you may want to take one course and complete it before adding the next because you are given 10-days for all courses, from the point of purchase. Contact us if you have questions about this.
What if my state is not listed?
If you do not see your state listed on the Recovery Course Selection Page, you may click on the first course marked “National Course”. This course was designed to apply to any state. Though it will not have your state statutes or any specific licensing information, should your state have any, it will list the most prominent case law in the country on a multitude of subjects surrounding the repossession industry.
I finished the course, now what?
If you finished the course and successfully completed, you should be able to print your certificate from your student portal.  You should have also received an automatic notification with instructions. Please check your email – if there is nothing in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folders.  If you did not successfully complete the course, you may contact us about a re-examination.  There is a nominal fee and you will get access to the full course material and exam.
I have already certified and the certification expires in two years. Do I have to take the whole course again to maintain my certification?
No. A Continuing Education course is available in order to maintain your certification.  Our National CE Course is available, and it is applicable for all states, with the exception of Louisiana.  The Louisiana CE course is also currently available. 
What methods of payment do you accept?
Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted at the site. Groups may also pay by check, but not at the site, please contact us for details.
The video doesn’t play to the end but the slide ends, or the audio and video are out of sync.
Sometimes the best way to remedy this is to simply replay the slides. We apologize for any buffering issues you may experience; unfortunately this kind of issue isn’t necessarily under our control. Other things that will help is checking to see if your computer meets the minimum system requirements as listed on the homepage, making sure your computer is updated or making sure you are using the most up to date browser.    
We are constantly establishing more effective ways to deliver the courses to people - whether they have the latest technology or “legacy systems” - and to improve the learner experience overall.  


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