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Ahhh technology, isn't it grand!  The ability to take these courses 24/7 and work them around your time schedule rather than having to move things around to go to a live course for one or two full days.  These courses are so much more accessible since moving them online, and with the many demands a repossession business has these days, it is nice to be able to do training at your pace and around your schedule.  

With that in mind, there is still a little preparation that people need to do before taking any course (online or live).  Just as you are dependent on your car to get you places, you are also dependant on your computer equipment and your internet service provider for a big part of your online experience.  Listed below is important information and some recommendations that you should be aware of to help you have the best experience overall. 

This kind of training is an investment in yourself as well as your business or the company that you work for.  Just think of how happy you will be when you complete your course and have a CRA certificate to show as proof of your hard work, determination and dedication to your industry!  We are here to help you succeed, so please do not hesitate to contact us.   



Before you make a purchase please know: 


     If you are an employer or manager registering employees please contact us about group registration and how we can meet your certification needs for groups of 3 or 30 or more!  There are additional benefits, other than the discounted rates, when registering a group of 3 or more.  If you want to see a demo of the student portal prior to purchase we can arrange a "walk-through" of what it would look like from the student's perspective, and we have demos of what the proctoring is like.


     Employers and managers should communicate course requirements as well as their expectations clearly with their employees prior to purchase to ensure that their employees complete the course and stay on task.  The RSIG University can assist with this somewhat, but we cannot make a student complete the course.  We are able to give employers or managers status reports on their employees.  During the process, we recommend that you have your employees contact us directly with any questions about the process so that we may assist them as needed.


   As with any online course, students are responsible to keep track of their time within the course and manage their own schedules.  Most students successfully complete their course in less than half the time allowed for completion and we have a very high passing rate on our exams.  (In our experience, those that don't pass generally aren't successful because they don't start right away and have to rush through, or don't take their studying seriously thinking they will know everything on the exam.) That said, the RSIG University cannot be held responsible for students that do not study, do not follow provided instructions, and/or do not schedule their exams within their 10-day course period.


     Students should also be certain that they have access to the proper equipment to take their course and exam, as outlined in the minimum system requirements listed on the University homepage.  If you register yourself or others for this course and choose not to start right away, choose not study or do not have the correct equipment, the student and/or purchaser assumes full responsibility for the student not passing the exam and/or having to pay the administrative fees to retest.   Extensions, as a general rule, are not given for reasons that are within the control of the student and/or purchaser.  If you live in an extremely rural area with limited access to the internet--we recommend that you look into this before you purchase any online course.  We recommend that you test your equipment at least 24 hours before your exam (to be sure your equipment meets minimum requirements) and again at least 30 minutes before your exam to test your internet speeds. 


     Make sure each student has their own email address when making a purchase.  Your email address is your student ID within the RSIG University.  If you or your employee don't have an email address you can create a free one on the web from a number of sources.  If you try to register someone new with a previously used email address it will not register that person for a course, instead it will register the original user for the course.  If you need to change your email address in the system you can contact us and we are happy to help you update your information.  Keep in mind that your student portal is yours as long as you need it, so that you can print transcripts and certificates as you need to. 


     The proctors are dedicated people who are there to help you.  However, their role is limited to vetting a student and helping a student get into his/her exam.  In order for a proctor to assist you, you would need to study before your scheduled exam time, and, as previously mentioned, your equipment and internet speeds must meet minimum system requirements.  Please see the Pre-Exam Tips below for more information on Proctoring recommendations.


    You should try to log into your profile at the proctor's site at least 15 minutes before your scheduled exam time. You will see a time clock counting down to your exam time.  If you can't get into your profile (can't remember your user name, etc.) you can be connected to a live proctor at the same page where you test your equipment. If you run into any issues while taking your exam or trying to reach your proctor and it is during normal business hours, please contact us.  If it is not normal business hours, please leave us a message to advise us of the situation so we can follow up with you the next business day.


     When you purchase a course, instructions are provided to students on how to schedule their exams.  It is recommended that you follow provided instructions on how to take your exam as soon as you purchase the course.  (We recommend that you plan to take your exam no later than day seven of your 10-day window.)  Please be sure you don't schedule at the last minute or outside of your ten day window.  Allow yourself room for error in case something outside of your control occurs -- like a power outage, or your ISP service experiences problems, etc.  Once you have purchased the course you can find the effective dates listed in your student history as well as on the course homepage.


     Once a student's 10-days is up there is no re-opening that course -- a re-examination is required.  Please see the link found in the navigation to the left titled "Rates, Groups & Re-Exams" for more information.    We do not require that you pay the full course price to re-register, but there is an administrative fee. As previously mentioned, extensions, as a general rule, are not given for reasons that are within the control of the student and/or purchaser.   




Additional Purchase Information:



Members of RSIG and Allied Finance Adjusters receive discounted pricing and we are able to offer group rates to both members and non-members of these organizations.  If you are a member of either of these organizations, please contact a course advisor for a discount code.


By submitting credit/debit card information provided for payment of a course or multiple courses, the learner and/or purchaser agrees that the card used is either 1) a card that issued in his/her name or that he/she is an authorized user of said card or 2) that he/she has obtained permission of the card holder to purchase products or services from IG., Inc./RSIG. The learner and/or purchaser guarantees payments of all charges for the course and agrees to be responsible for any costs associated with collection of any fees due and expenses incurred should the credit/debit card payment not be completed/authorized.  You understand that the amount charged to the credit card will be reflected within seven days (debit card purchases may appear immediately upon processing) of authorization and that charges will appear on the card as “RSIG Inc. Internet”.






Pre-Examination Tips:


The moment you register, please take the time to follow the provided instruction on how to take your exam with a proctor. 

Be sure you plan to take your exam no less than 48 hours before your course window expires (you may log in and visit your course home page for your expiration date and time).

If this is your first exam proctored online, please visit the proctoring website to check your equipment before logging in.

Be sure you are in a well-lit, quiet and private room. You don't want it to be difficult for your proctor to see you.

Please have your photo ID ready.  

Make sure your webcam, microphone and speakers are installed and working correctly.

Make sure your computer is in working order, that you have all of the current updates needed for your computer and browser, and be certain that your internet access is functioning and is a minimum of 1.5 Mbps.  We recommend that you test your equipment at least 48 hours before your exam (to be sure your equipment meets minimum requirements) and again at least 30 minutes before your exam to test your internet speeds. 

Good luck on your exam!

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