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Full CRA Course Pricing:

The standard pricing for full CRA certification is $240 per person.  If you have a group of 3 or more you can get a discounted rate of $225 per person.*  For group enrollment, you may either contact a course advisor to assist you with registration, or submit the group enrollment form (see the link below under "Group Enrollment").

(*The Illinois Employee course is priced differently -- see course page for details.  The Illinois Manager & Employee course is priced at our standard pricing.)


Continuing Education Course Pricing:

Continuing Education is offered at discounted pricing to people who have taken a full CRA certification course.  In order to qualify for lower rates on the CE courses, you must contact us so we may verify your previous CRA Certification.  RSIG Members get the lowest rates on all course, however, you do not need to be a member to get a discounted rate if you have previously taken our full CRA course. 





Discounted Rates For RSIG and AFA Members

Members of RSIG are charged $145 per person for Recovery Certification Courses.* If you have a group of 3 or more employees to enroll we offer additional discounts to RSIG Members. Please contact a course advisor for discount codes at 703-365-0199. If you have already taken the course but were not able to complete within the time or successfully complete the course, please contact a course advisor about a re-examination.


Members of Allied Finance Adjusters are able to get a discounted rate of $195 for all full state CRA courses and the full National course. 



If you are a representative of an industry organization intersted in endorsing our course we would love to hear from you! 






Group Enrollment

If you are enrolling multiple learners to take a state course or have multiple learners that need to take multiple courses, please contact a course advisor to assist with registration.  You may download a copy of the Group Enrollment Form here, and email it to your advisor to assist with registration.  Please note that all purchases made require that all buyers and learners agree to the terms and conditions.  The Terms may be found on the website as well as on the group enrollment form.  

PLEASE do not use this form if you are a single learner purchasing multiple seats or a single learner purchasing a single course.  This form is only intended for use of enrolling multiple learners for a single courses with a single purchase.

A course advisor may be contacted at: 703-365-0199.

If you are enrolling 3 or more at a time you qualify for a discount, regardless of membership affiliations!!!  Contact us for more information!





For full CRA and CE Courses only - any learner that does not score 70% or higher has the option for a re-examination.  You must contact a course advisor to assist with this.  There is an administrative fee of $75 to re-take the course.  Also, anyone who does not complete the course (registers but does not finish in time) will be charged the $75 re-examination fee and can start over.  Re-examinations are a clean slate -- meaning you must re-study all material again in order to take your exam.

As a general policy we do not offer extensions on the courses if a student has not completed in ten days for reasons that are within the control of the student and/or purchaser.  However, please contact us for assistance BEFORE your window of time closes if you have an issue outside of your control during your exam or that prevents you from taking it.  Once the ten days expires an extension cannot be granted, and a student must pay the re-examination fee to retake the course.

For Skip Courses - any learner that does not complete would need to purchase it again.  There are no extensions or discounted fees to re-take these courses.


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